TT510 REM 700 With safety Price: A$239.00
In stock
TT511 REM 700 L/H Trigger Price: A$239.00
thumb_52_Remington-straight-web.png TT517 REM 700 Straight trigger Price: A$239.00
TT520 REM 700 CE Trigger Price: A$373.00
NEW Model Calvin Elite two lever trigger for Rem 700. Includes safety catch adjusts from 8oz to 2lb. In stock now
TT510-V2 REM 700 Hunter Elite Price: A$239.00
NEW Hunter Elite model
TT520CE-A*1.5 CUSTOM Price: A$399.00
The Timney Calvin Elite Custom trigger comes with a total of four different shoes that include curved, flat, heeled, and knurled. All necessary tools for fitting and adjusting shoes are included. One key feature of the trigger is the shoes are fully-adjustable for a custom fit for every user and application. The shoes are adjustable for length of pull, cast and height for the ultimate in custom comfort and positive contact. Standard on all Timney Triggers, sear engagement, pull weight, and overtravel are fully adjustable to allow the shooter to customize trigger feel and function. Red shoes are included standard with all triggers. Crisp 8 oz. trigger pull weight from the factory 4 trigger shoes included Right hand only Includes trigger blocking side safety
532CE_Front TT532 REM 700CE TWO STAGE Price: A$335.00
NEW Model Calvin Elite TWO STAGE trigger for Rem 700. Includes safety catch adjusts from 8oz to 2lb.
TT532CE Calvin Elite 2 stage Nickel Price: A$355.00
The new nickel plated Timney 2-Stage Straight trigger is the latest model in that series. The pull weight is factory calibrated for an adjustable 8 ounce to 1.5 lb first stage and 8 ounce to 2.0 lb second stage.
870-FRONT TT7600 REM 7600&7615 SEAR KIT Price: A$179.00
TT788 REM 788 With safety Price: A$229.00
TTS-10 Trigger scale Price: A$69.00